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First Steps

Friso Gold Stage 2

For children after 6 months

The follow-on formula that gives your baby well-balanced nutrition and supports good gut health.

Young Explorer

Friso Gold Stage 3

For children 1 year onwards

The growing up milk specially formulated to support your child’s physical and mental development.

Bright Star

Friso Gold Stage 4

For children 3 years onwards

The growing up milk that supports your child’s natural defenses as they explore their world.

The Start

Frisomum Gold Stage 0

For pregnant and lactating mums

The first maternal milk with prebiotics and probiotics for mums to get the nutrition they need.

Friso Gold Milk Cereal

Friso Gold Milk Cereal

For babies 6 months onwards

Rice-based or wheat-based cereals specially formulated to help your baby start on solid food.