Own Farms

High quality milk is the starting point to produce nutrient rich powder milk. So Friso starts at the source in The Netherlands. Friso’s milk comes from our own farms. At over 19000 farms of our company, over 140 years of our dairy expertise is used to create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high quality milk. Special care is taken of all aspects of the farm even including the quality of the soil. Because we know that a good foundation is essential to produce good quality feed. And that is the starting point to produce high quality milk, naturally rich in nutrients

Purebred Cows, Treated Like Family

Cows have an amazing gift of mother nature. They convert top quality feed into nutritious high quality milk. The healthier they are, the better the milk. We use only purebred cows that are known for their consistently premium quality milk. Outdoor grazing ensures they get fresh air and are physically active. Our farmers give them a name, as if they are part of their family. And take individual care of each cow, just like family. A unique electronic collar and tag is used to monitor individual cow’s health status. Our farmers combine this care with hi tech systems to track the quality of milk the cow produces and can tailor the care and feed per cow.

Dairy Expertise, Passed on Through Generations

Milk is a natural product, and nature cannot be rushed. Producing nutrient rich milk requires great care and dedication. Doing this consistently every day of the year is not just a job, it’s a calling. For our farmers, farming runs in the family and they feel proud of carrying forward generations of Dutch expertise in dairy farming. Only the best gets passed down through generations. And our farmers combine this expertise with the latest hi tech milking and monitoring systems to keep their cows healthy and milk quality high. They see farming as being one with nature. They feel a great sense of responsibility and know that only by respecting the environment and working in a sustainable way can they produce high quality milk for many more generations to come.